D.O. Arribes


The Designation of Origen Arribes is located in the natural setting of the Arribes del Duero in the southwest of the province of Zamora and the northwest of Salamanca. The D.O. Arribes also has a long tradition of winemaking, although it was not documented until the late Middle Ages.

Its choice topography enjoys a climate which is very beneficial for the cultivation of grapevines and soils with a high mineral content including granite and schist.

“The D.O. Arribes grows grapes that can hardly be found in the rest of Spain. In terms of reds, we have Bruñal, Malvasia, Mandón or Gajo Arroba. For whites, we have Malvasia, Verdejo, Albillo Real and soon to come Puesta en Cruz. These are some examples of the grape varieties here that you may not come across anywhere else in Spain.”

The Designation is composed of 190 viticulturists who tend 670 acres of vineyards and produce grapes for the 18 registered wineries.

Los Arribes is a designation that offers a unique product, cultivated in an exceptional location with exclusive grape varieties.

Thus, the D.O. Arribes has a natural capacity to produce first-rate wines with great prospects for the future. What most helps to introduce these wines into national and international markets is their incomparable personality and expressiveness.