Denominations of Origin


Located in the northwest of Spain, the province of Zamora with over 4,000 square miles of land is home to an ample variety of renowned agrifood activities with its most reputable representative being viticulture.

Wine in Zamora has always played an essential role in its history and most fundamental cultural elements, strongly influencing its landscapes, constructions and art. Even the language and local dialects are replete with references, proverbs and allusions to wine in daily life. The current breed of winemakers has blended the wisdom of past generations with the most modern techniques of winemaking and the latest advances in oenology, and has also hired highly-qualified professionals in order to create and recreate wineries with unique vintages which are now present on all seven continents.

In Zamora, there are currently four officially recognized wine producing regions with Designation of Origin (D.O.) status: D.O. Toro; D.O. Arribes; D.O. Tierra del Vino de Zamora and D.O.P. (Protected) Valles de Benavente. Additionally, other wines outside of the D.O. umbrella are produced throughout the province with such excellent results these days that even the most critical sommeliers value them highly.